Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tech Top 20 Brands

Interbrands released their "Best Global Brands" report for 2012 ranking their estimation of the top 100 brand names in the world. Although there were certainly many distinguished brands that did not make the list, the list it serves as the starting point for a slimmed down Tech Top 20 Brands. There were 26 technology companies on the list. For the purposes of this blog I included only those that have in the past or might launch consumer products in the entertainment space or could directly impact that space. This removed three companies and the bottom 3 tech companies did not make the top 20.

On the List
Disney is on the list because, although they do not have a line of consumer electronics, they certainly could. Further, it was Disney's decision to back Blu Ray that spelled the end of HD-DVD. As a major content supplier, they have considerable sway over what happens in video. As a former PC maker, IBM is on the list as well even though they show no signs of wanting to get back into the consumer products business. Likewise, GE may not want to get back into consumer electronics but certainly could.

Movers and Shakers
At #20, Facebook was new to the top 100 list and I have no corresponding brand value for them for 2011. The average of the top 19 brands grew by 18%, largely driven by Apple. A few brands (Google, Samsung, and Amazon) grew at rates above the average and Panasonic was close at a 14% growth rate in its brand value. Most companies on the list were well below this and 7 lost brand value in absolute terms per the estimation of Interbrands.

Not on the List
There are, of course, and infinite number of companies not on the list. Coca cola was actually number one in in rand value. Although I do not expect a line of Coke, e-readers in the near future, as one of the largest advertisers, they could have considerable impact on digital signage communications and consequently on mobile devices.

Rank Brand Sector Brand Value($M) Value Change from 2011
1 Apple CE $76,568 129%
2 IBM Business Services $75,532 8%
3 Google Internet Services $69,726 26%
4 Microsoft Software $57,853 -2%
5 GE Diversified $43,682 2%
6 Intel Processors $39,385 12%
7 Samsung CE $32,893 40%
8 Disney Content $27,438 -5%
9 Cisco Business Services $27,197 7%
10 HP CE $26,087 -8%
11 Nokia CE $21,009 -16%
12 Amazon Retailer $18,625 46%
13 Canon Electronics $12,029 3%
14 eBay Retailer $10,947 12%
15 Sony CE $9,111 -8%
16 Philips CE $9,066 5%
17 Dell CE $7,591 -9%
18 Nintendo Games $7,082 -8%
19 Panasonic CE $5,765 14%
20 Facebook Internet Content $5,421 New

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