Friday, November 9, 2012

Will NFC "Sweep Away" QR Codes?

In "Can We Talk?, I discuss various means of linking mobile devices to both TV and digital signage. The posting concludes that there will be a diversity of communications methodologies. Recently, I saw a news article suggesting the resurrection of IR, as I had discussed. This comes to mind as I read today's "Digital Signage Today" proclaiming NFC will sweep away QR codes.

NFC is, of course, more versatile than a QR code as it can be an active data link rather than a signal and can be bi-directional rather than one way. However the one way and the opt-in nature of QR codes gives inherent security. The one instance where security is mentioned in the "Digital Signage Today" article it refers to a mobile device emulating a secure card such as a hotel key. It seems to me that, although I have never had my pocket picked, capturing someone's NFC information would be easier. Line of sight optical communications such as reading or displaying a QR code seems inherently more secure. Airlines allow a bar code display as a boarding pass. We shall see if they expand this to include NFC. As to Hotel rooms, my preference would be a QR code reader.

This is not to say that NFC use is not going to expand rapidly, but some applications seem much better suited to QR codes.

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